Innovative Home Making Technique: K-Block Lightweight Concrete Blocks

Building a house was never easier. Welcome to the world of K-Block Lightweight Concrete Blocks, where we bring to you a fabulous innovation in the field of construction.
When you thought of building a new house, or expand an already existing building, a whole new set of worries must have clouded your mind. How much money would go into it? Where will we keep the raw materials? There would be dust everywhere. Will the infrastructure of my existing building be able to bear the load of the concrete over it?
We at K-Block, help you answer all these as we bring to you a unique king of lightweight concrete, which will make your construction work a lot easier.
We own a unique innovation system that makes light weight concrete block and lightweight concrete, which includes production equipment, foaming agent and Quality Control procedures.
Other companies in the market take from at least six months to a year to make a saleable, good quality, consistent lightweight block or lightweight concrete and still struggle to make it fool-proof. We at K Block Franchise make sure from the very first day that you get the lightest, yet high strength concrete blocks, which is very easy on your pocket. There would be no delay between finishing a lightweight concrete plant or on-site production and production of a saleable lightweight product.
A low-labour program, our plants are capable of producing at least 1,000,000 blocks per month. And if your demand for light weight concrete increases with time, we are well equipped to show you how you can expand your plant and increase your production. What’s more! We can help you install on-site light weight concrete plant that will help you make concrete for block, precast, roof insulation, cast-in-place walls, floor levelling, and much more.
Being in this industry for long, we assure you the safest construction method possible. Having passed all the industry tests and achieved all the approvals needed, we will make sure that you get your building constructed in the fastest time possible, not at all compromising on the safety and strength of the building.
These are not only light weight concrete blocks, but also absorb very less water, thus, reducing your water consumption by more than half. These blocks are also have the capability to sustain high heat, are sound insulated and fire resistant. And to top it all, you may not at all worry about any sort of fungal or bacterial growth.
If all this was not enough, you are free to call us (+66) 02-559-2321, to know more about K Block Technology.

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