Vitamin D an ineluctable element of a healthy existence

When thinking of a healthy life, vitamin D is one among the vitamins that one can’t afford to ignore. After the research and discoveries, numerous benefits were brought to light. The health of the bones in our body is maintained with the help of vitamin D. It also helps in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

This vitamin is capable of preventing other fatal diseases and cancer. Serious mental disorders like depression can be caused due to its absence. The body is not capable of making this substance on its own though its requirement is less. It thus has to be dependent on external sources like the sun and food items containing vitamin D for consumption of it.

Vitamin D is produced mostly with the help of sunshine and is a fat soluble substance. The food items like milk products and certain fish contain it. However, the major supplier of it for our body is sunshine. By taking a walk in bright sunlight daily can help you administer this quantity of vitamin each day.

If you allow your body to produce it with the aid of the heat of the sun, then there exists no such threat. When the UV rays in the sunlight gets into the body, it passes through a sequence of chemical processes and vitamin D gets generated. Our body has a certain mechanism to avoid its excessive production.

You would start suffering from a condition called vitamin D toxicity if the daily intake exceeds 5,000 International Units per day for a time of four months. It is true that there are lots of supplements available in the market. But, their excessive consumption would create a condition of its toxicity.

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