Affordable Interior Designs for Bars, Restaurants and Hotels by Experienced World-class Designers

Astounding Interior design, have been in business since 1993, they are passionate about transforming dated and tired venues to world class designs and spaces ranging from Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Residential homes, Social Clubs and many more leisure type industries.

The designing process proceeds in a sorted and coherent fashion right from initial design consultation, planning, and budgeting down to FF&E. Clients’ ideas and initial concepts are listened with keen interest and brought back to an opulent reality. Starting off with ‘Consultation’, the crew consisting of a head designer, lighting designer and space planner meet at the site to discuss in detail the wishes of the client. A ‘Proposal’ PDF reaches the client within 4 days comprising all design ideas, design costs, planning or architectural fees, approximate timeline, budgetary figures & past case studies.

The contract when signed and closed heads to a detailed ‘Survey’, ‘Space Planning’, ‘Conceptual Design’, ‘Approval Stage’, ‘Specification’, ‘Build’ and finally ‘Assessment and Analysis’. At Astounding a person can assure his identity over his business space, since the company helps you redesign your current logo and bring it up to date, or create you a new ‘branding’ which merges with the newly designed business space. The company knows trends, embraces evolving technologies & hence it offers you with 3D axonometric Autocad drawings, Sketchup drawings in the initial stages when the design may still be altered several times right through to photo realistic visualizations of the end result. They also specialize in the use of energy saving LED lighting and immersive LED video installations; and also design, supply and install integrated solutions which offers the client powerful control over their lighting and audio systems.

Astounding’s spokesperson Steve Ward has some tips for their clients he commented, “The tradesman you chose is the keystone of your project. Knowing that they implement all your design ideas to the exact detail, on time and budget is vitally important. Our tradesman have decades of experience in achieving our goals.” “Styles are not only what is in the ambience, it is the structure as well, and a very important part of the project in making sure that you achieves a design that is not going to be out of fashion in 6 months. Astounding Interiors pride ourselves in not following the crowd and create visually stunning interiors that are timeless but still in vogue,” he added.

Astounding Interior design, AIDI is a combination of skilled funky designers representing an interior design firm with more than 20 years’ experience in the design field ranging from, owning fashion retail stores, clothing brands, managing night clubs, working on The Brit Awards, construction and various design practices around the world.

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