Eyelash Extensions Seen as an Affordable Treat

Many women have had little choice but to cut back on their beauty treatments. However, many are still treating themselves to eyelash extensions. Sales at the EyelashEmporium.com have risen rather than fallen away over the past year. 

There are several reasons for this. Most women know that eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance their looks. The saying ‘the eyes have it’ is true. Studies show that practically the first thing someone looks at when they meet someone is their eyes. It is also the facial feature that people spend the longest looking at whilst they engage in conversation, so having attractive eyes is important.

Long lashes are a sign as health and are seen as a sign of beauty across all cultures.In fact, the first cosmetic products most cultures developed where designed to enhance they eyes above any other feature. As an example, the ancient Egyptians developed mascara and eye shadow before they came up with any other beauty products.

The fact that eyelash extensions are relatively inexpensive means that most people can still afford this beauty treatment. It helps that this particular beauty treatment has long lasting effects, because it means most women only need to have extensions done every few weeks. New materials mean that the results are good and are relatively easy to achieve, which is also helping sales.

Awareness of health issues is increasing sales of high-end extensions
Firms like The Eyelash Emporium are also benefitting from the fact that they only sell high-end lashes and glue. Women are shying away from the cheaper products because they do not look so good and because they are worried that using cheap products is leading to eye infections. They are particularly concerned about the glue sold by some suppliers. Some glue is not made from medical grade ingredients and/or containslatex and formaldehyde. These glues have been shown to have an increase risk of infection and allergic reaction. For this reason, The Eyelash Emporium only sells glue that is made from medical grade ingredients and that is formaldehyde and latex free. Their glues are made in the EU and are all ISO approved.

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