Vodafone: Application Management critical to success of Secure Device Management

Vodafone: Application Management critical to success of Secure Device ManagementThe new mobile device management solution, Vodafone Device Manager, features a robust application management system that retains user experience whilst protecting secure business data.

Business and personal data must be separated, and Mobile IT has to protect the business data while preserving the user experience, making a robust application management critical to successful secure device management.

In the first generation of mobility, business data was in heavyweight, email-based containers – sets of data protected from unauthorised access – that were secure but forced users into an experience they did not like. However, in the new generation of mobility, user experience is central to success.

Vodafone Device Manager’s connected container architecture provides fine-grained security that protects app data for Mobile IT but is invisible to the user, making it user friendly. It achieves this via two components: AppConnect, and AppTunnel.

  • AppConnect containerises apps to protect data-at-rest without touching personal data. Each app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, protected from unauthorised access, and removable.
  • AppTunnel provides secure tunnelling and access control to protect app data-in-motion. Fine-grained app-by-app session security protects the connection of each app container to the corporate network. AppTunnel is particularly useful in BYOD settings where organisations may not want to open up VPN access to all apps on the device.

Moreover, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager, which can be deployed in conjunction with Vodafone Device Manager or added at a later date, offers a fully managed, cloud-based security solution for mobile devices.

Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager protects business users’ data and also their web data against sophisticated cyber threats. It instantaneously scans all inbound and outbound traffic, with negligible impact from a user perspective, across the company’s mobile devices.

To learn more about secure mobile device management, visit the Vodafone Device Manager website.