Toronto Divorce Lawyers Offer Negotiation in Divorce Settlements

Rechtshaffen, Breitman Family Law and Mediation, a trusted firm for representation in separation procedures, is offering negotiation services in divorce settlements to establish the needs of their client at the end of the process. Throughout the procedure, the Toronto divorce lawyers serve as the client’s voice in presenting their best interests.

The main purpose of negotiation is to avoid bringing the case to court. In negotiating, the attorney forcefully advocates for the rights of their client against the other party’s lawyer. By hiring an experienced professional, individuals can formulate an informed strategy on approaching the situation, which ultimately affects their personal life and financial standing.

To arrange a mutual understanding, the lawyers of both parties regularly correspond by exchanging documents, holding telephone conferences, and scheduling four-way meetings with everyone involved to witness the proceedings. If the parties manage to settle their differences successfully, both parties and their lawyers sign a Separation Agreement that contains all the conditions of the divorce.

Once the divorce is finalized, signing the established contract legally binds the signatories into adhering to all stipulations in the document. In the event that the negotiations fail to reach a mutually accepted resolution, the Rechtshaffen, Breitman law firm is ready to represent their client in court. It is a common occurrence for divorcing parties to undergo both negotiation and litigation, usually jumping between the processes.

Individuals who are looking for a reliable family lawyer in Toronto can turn to Rechtshaffen, Breitman Family Law and Mediation for the firm’s commitment to reaching the best possible settlements for their clients’ divorce cases. For more information, visit

About Rechtshaffen, Breitman Family Law and Mediation

Rosanna Breitman is an accredited family mediator who restricted her practice in the area of expertise since 2006. Additionally, she earned her Masters of Law in Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2012. Jeff Rechtshaffen, on the other hand, has been focusing his career on family law since passing the Ontario Bar in 1993.