Pizza: a cool revolution in the USA

The USA market is really special for Refrattari Valoriani, a booming business because of the discover of the real Italian cuisine, that one realized with genuine ingredients, cooking methods and tools Made in Italy.

Once the purists of Italian cuisine turned up their noses when they had to dine in the so-called Italian restaurants in a foreign country. Today things have changed or whatever they are going in the right direction to do so.

There are many associations, companies and experts engaged in the promotion and diffusion of the true culinary culture of our country all over the world. A real revolution is happening in the United States especially concerning pizza, the most loved and appreciated dish if the ingredients, the mix of flavors and last, but not least, the techniques of dough, preparation and cooking are Made in Italy.

Refrattari Valoriani, who exports worldwide wood fired pizza ovens for professional and family use, confirms this trend, and the increasing attention of the public to the quality. “Neapolitan pizza in the U.S. is an increasingly phenomenon, so cool that new pizzerias open continuously so to enjoy an handmade and unique pizza with an antique flavor.”