Dentist in Draper, Utah Offers Teeth Whitening Discount

Falling Creek Dental, a sought-after provider of comprehensive services to the local community, is offering a 67% discount off the Ultradent Boost teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Chad Goeckeritz, a trusted dentist in Draper, Utah who leads the practice, provides the service for only $129, saving customers $270 from its original value.

Food and beverages consumed, contribute greatly to the discoloration of teeth as we age. Food stains along with possible conservative dental hygiene, can make the teeth become yellow and discolored over time adding to an aged appearance.

For whiter teeth and a more confident smile, Falling Creek Dental provides the Ultradent Boost treatment at a discounted price. The procedure removes superficial white and brown stains to bring out the natural color of teeth. With Dr. Chad Goeckeritz’s attention to detail, clients can see the results of Ultradent Boost even before their appointment ends.

By taking advantage of the offer, clients can also benefit from the special PF formula application that strengthens the enamel and reduces its sensitive reactions. Moreover, they can receive a free exam to determine any underlying problems with their teeth. A full x-ray supports the exam to provide individuals with an overview of their dental health and locate unseen problems as well.

Individuals looking for a reliable dentist in Draper, Utah to perform professional teeth whitening services, need look no further than this practice for their strategic approach to the procedure. To claim the discount and view a gallery of teeth pre- and post-whitening, visit

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