PCI Data Acquisition Module Capable of Multiple-Instrument Synchronization

GAO Instruments recommends its PCI data acquisition module. This high performance module is commonly used in the monitoring systems for industrial production processes.

This PCI data acquisition module, model A0K10009, features internal and external clock functions, AD continuum and grouping sampling function, and Timer/Counter function. It is suitable for use in the lab, product quality testing centers and systems for different areas of data acquisition, waveform analysis and processing.

This high-speed and high-precision data acquisition module delivers the performance demanded in the fields of real-time signal processing and digital image processing. It supports multiple signal connection modes including AD input, digital input, digital output, clock and trigger. It has three status indicators: EF, FF and HF. It also offers a 16 k-word FIFO memory with three memory signs including non-empty and half-full.

This PCI data acquisition module belongs to GAO’s family of Data Acquisition Modules. Other products in this line are: PCI Data Acquisition Module which can be directly inserted into a compliant computer to allow for real-time signal processing and digital image processing, and PCI Synchronous Data Acquisition Board which is specially designed for highly precise data acquisition analysis applications and is an ideal tool for real-time signal processing as well as digital image processing.

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