Leading Texas DWI Attorney Announces to Help with Effective Defense in all DUI Cases

The harsh penalties of Texas DWI charges often call for a seasoned representation. The Texas people fighting on DUI charges seem to have the best assistance around- Carl David Ceder, the seasoned DWI attorney from Texas has announced to support with most effective defense in all DUI cases.

“We do understand that DUI charges would be shattering for you and your family and hence we assure to help you with the most effective defense. We are always striving to provide our clients with excellent results through our huge knowledge, training and experience in the DWI cases. Mr. Ceder holds specialization in intoxication-related offenses, especially the DUI/DWI charges”, said an executive from Ceder’s law firm. The seasoned DWI attorney practices all through Texas including the counties of Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, Denton, Tarrant, Travis etc.

Mr. Ceder is a certified NHTSA Standardized field Sobriety testing Instructor, Intoxilyzer 5000 technician and Advanced DRE expert. He has also received training courses in Advanced HGN testing and DWI breath & blood testing. This ace Frisco DWI attorney holds the experience of conducting Jury Trials for more than 10 counties in Texas State including those having reputation of being hardest on crime.

“It’s good to inform that Mr. Ceder has earned numerous dismissals and acquittals in every DWI charges, including the ones involving blood and breath. Just 3 months after he received his practice license, Carl conducted trial on a .14 Breath testing case and despite a very hostile courtroom ambience he managed to earn the desired Not Guilty for his client”, said the spokesperson from Carl’s firm while speaking about the lawyer’s experience and achievements over the years.

Carl has also received thorough classroom training that enables him to deal effectively during cross-examination even with the most seasoned police officers.

Also offered by this law firm is a free case evaluation facility and flexible office hours.

To know in detail about Carl David Ceder or to reserve an appointment with him, visit www.TexasDWIDefender.com