Go for a complete hair makeover with hair transplant surgery offered by Farjo Medical Centre

The Farjo Medical Centre is now offering a revolutionary surgery for hair transplant for clients grappling with untimely hair loss. The premier hair loss research center and transplant clinic based out of Manchester has introduced upgraded surgeries that tackle thinning hairlines. The clinic uses advanced transplant techniques like UT Follicular Unit Transplantation to help clients have a gorgeous mane.

Another hair transplant surgery technique perfected by surgeons is the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. Armed with these processes, the Farjo Medical Centre is equipped to solve the problem of hair loss permanently.

Hair loss is not only caused by ageing or hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, the genetic makeup of women and men cause them to lose alarming amount of hair and balding sets in rather early. In these cases, hair transplant is the only option that makes it possible to regain lost hair and lost confidence.

Through transplant surgeries, source hair follicles are replaced on the target area on the scalp. Each hair transplant surgery uses hair strips or fewer hair strands from area where human hair grows and stays permanently, like the back. Hair is grafted following natural hair pattern so that there is no chance of any unwanted exposure.

Clients undergoing hair transplant are placed under expert hair loss surgeons who advise them on the proper hair care, both before and after the surgery. Successful hair transplant surgery adds around 80 to 100 hair follicles per square centimeter of the scalp. This gives a truly dense hair cover, a cover that lasts forever and is very low maintenance.

About the company:

Farjo Medical Centre is a leading hair loss and hair transplant clinic and research centre based in Manchester and London and offers unique hair loss treatment, camouflage and hair thickeners. Established in 1992, the centre specializes in offering both female and male clients hair loss consultation and custom treatment. Doctors at the clinic offer preventive consultations and completely confidential surgical services to clients around the world.

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