Aquathin Takes Bigger Step Towards Water Purity in NJ

Through intensive research on the purity of water, the world’s only reverse osmosis manufacturer located in NJ has recently developed the latest on water filtration, treatment, conditioning and water softener system. Residential, commercial and industrial clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania now benefit from this latest innovation. From the comfort of their homes, Aquathin has made home water filter in NY, water filtration in NJ and home water filtration in PA possible.

“We are an ISO9001:2008 Certified and the only one EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered Manufacturer for Reverse Osmosis System in NJ. Our systems are unique and protected by patents that ensure that they remain the most efficient and technologically advanced in the world.” says Alexander Slipets, owner of Aquathin.

Since its inception in March of 1980, Aquathin has patented its unique treatment system and home water filter in NY, NJ and PA; thereby, making them the sole company that offers the best water filter and water treatment system that assures 70 to 90% off of impurities. This is proven with various certifications, accreditations and memberships that the company embraces in its 32 years of service to the NY, NJ and PA residents.

As an ISO certified company, it sends a clear message to consumers and other companies that products sold by Aquathin are worth buying. Also, acquiring an E.P.A. Registration (EPA EST.NO.52531-FL-01) makes Aquathin the only Reverse Osmosis manufacturer in the world. Their Gold Seal Program certification from ‘The Water Quality Association’ assures public health and safe services. On the other hand, the company’s Orthodox Union Kosher certification guarantees that their products are widely accepted after period supervision. Likewise, is their certification from IFANCA gives them the ‘Halal’ symbol, which indicates that their product is the choice of many Muslims in the area.

Along with these affiliations and more, Aquathin certainly establishes its name to be the sole company that provides 100% assurance to its customers. That’s why it’s no wonder that Aquathin received various awards such as “The Emerald Award” for preserving and protecting the environment and the most coveted “President’s Excellence in Exporting Award” garnered by the US government.

Without further ado, Alexander Slipets invites everyone in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania to visit their site at for more of their outstanding contributions in the environment brought about by their products and services.

More about Aquathin: Aquathin is one of the world’s leading and recognized providers of water filtration in NJ, NY and PA. The company provides wide range of water filtration and treatment systems to suit every budget and home or office application. From filters that remove lead from water, Reverse Osmosis and Deionization purifiers, stand-alone water softeners to whole home water treatment systems AQUATHIN has it all covered.

“Maintenance is minimal allowing us to give you the finest warranty in the industry…and we live up to it.”

Address: 322 Calvin ct., Wyckoff, NJ, 07481
Phone: 201-208-7807