Cloud Computing expectations: datacenter must cope with business demands

Cloud Computing expectations: datacenter must cope with business demandsAccording to Computacenter, due to the expectations of cloud computing intensifying, the datacenter needs to continually adapt to cope with planned and unplanned demands from the business.

Computacenter also states that cloud computing will infiltrate every organisation whether it’s with the CIO’s approval or not.

With off-premise options snapping at the heels of the corporate datacenter, IT departments need to ensure their on-premise services meet current and future business needs. And that means lower costs, greater agility and higher availability.

The way IT is consumed within the enterprise can be transformed by the benefits of cloud, including cost, flexibility and agility. The challenge for most organisations is maintaining control in the face of the increasing consumerisation of IT, whereby staff use their own IT in preference to corporate devices and applications.

Cloud gains much of its efficiency through very high utilisation, with many cloud services providers’ datacenters running at 50% or higher. In contrast, many enterprises run their datacenters at 10% utilisation or less.

Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, helps organisations find the best-fit, best-value solutions and strategies to make their datacenter more predictable, sustainable and affordable.

Computacenter has developed end-to-end solutions to datacenter transformation, its expertise and knowledge provides a perfect fit for a partnership that will help organisations drive outcomes in virtualisation, automation and the pathway to cloud.

As found IDC research, not using cloud is the greatest risk to business productivity:

  • 90 percent of corporate datacenter capacity goes unused
  • 98.9 percent of organisations now use at least one cloud service
  • 23 percent of organisations have multiple cloud services in full-scale use
  • 8 out of 10 employees use consumer cloud services to fill the corporate IT gap

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