Managing network challenges of Cloud services

LONDON, UK – (15-11-12) – Despite Cloud changing the way IT departments are organised, it still represents a challenge for networks and network engineers. In fact, the need to monitor the network, and all the applications and systems that use it, increases when the Cloud is in use.

The risks associated with outsourcing key aspects of an organisation’s IT department need to be managed in a highly visual way so that, should anything go wrong, problems can be diagnosed swiftly.

Visual Performance Manager (VPM) from Fluke Networks delivers a highly detailed and granular view of what is happening not only over the networks controlled by an organisation’s own network engineers, but also in those areas of the network supported by Cloud providers. Operational risks associated with moving to a cloud provision model are clear: infrastructure, platforms, software and services delivered ‘as a service’ are still key to the functioning of any business and so if a problem occurs, or the network slows down, then it’s important to understand where the source of the problem lies – that requires total visibility.

VPM delivers that visibility in a highly visual way so that faults or bottlenecks can be identified quickly and fixed. Problems are exacerbated when responsibility for a problem is not clear, and can lead to delays in fixing the problem. VPM from Fluke Networks delivers insights so that the network engineer responsible for solving the problem can swiftly do so.

Fluke Networks has produced a survey of the kind of risks the Cloud represents to a network and what effect this can have on the work of a Network Engineer, and how the risks can be dealt with, planned for, and avoided – the whitepaper, Balancing Business & Risk in the Cloud is available now from Fluke Networks.

Be clear about the risks of moving to Cloud provision and how to plan for and handle them so that your network is both efficient and robust: Download the free whitepaper, Balancing Business & Risk in the Cloud to find out more.

Visit for a broader view of the challenges faced by network engineers, and testing and monitoring solutions delivered by the Visual line of product from Fluke Networks.