Leading Personalized Baby Gift Store Announces Discounts this winter

Stork Gifts, the leading personalized baby gift store has lately announced good discounts on its products this winter.

“We value our customers and thus have come up with great discounts for them presenting you with amazing savings this festive season. Stork Gifts is offering a fantastic 10% USD off on all product orders for new customers”, stated the spokesperson from the gift store, while asked to speak about their coupon offer. The customers can avail the current discount facility with “181067” discount code.

The Stork Gifts baby gift store was founded by Melissa Chelist who established the store with the initiative to set up an absolute resource for every form of personalized baby gifts from varied artisans. “I do understand that Personalized gifts have their unmatched appeal-I have 3 older daughters now but still they couldn’t let go off their personalized childhood items which actually inspired me to come up with a personalized gift store”, Melissa said.

Stork Gifts has come up with an extensive gallery of personalized baby gifts for the customers. According to the statement of Chelist’s manager, they are well regarded for their high quality, unique and creative personalized piggy bank, name puzzle stool, personalized books, pillow cover, educational items etc. “Whether you are looking for personalized step stools or personalized room décor items for your kid’s bedroom or rocking chairs or creative storage facilities for your little one’s chamber, we are ready to cater to any of your needs”, the manager official commented.

The store owner emphasized that Stork Gifts products are all tested by her own children & are only incorporated when they approved of the stock. Every wooden and ceramic item from the gift store is claimed to be hand-crafted by highly talented artists with no involvement of machine-made mass produced product in the stock. “We only use lead-free certified paints for our gift items ensuring a safe play for your little one” he added. The store also houses personalized gift items for teenagers.

To know more about the new customer discount offer and gift items from Stork Gifts, go to www.storkgifts.com.