9 Channel Real Time Color Video Multiplexer

GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) has announced the release of its 9 channel real time color video multiplexer. The multiplexer is appropriate for use in security monitoring, highway monitoring, toll station video surveillance systems, industrial closed circuit television surveillance and high quality video conferencing.

This 9 channel real time color video multiplexer, model A0410002, provides high resolution video on all 9 channels. It is also capable of freeze frame, providing multi-screen display and recording events. It exchanges data via a RS232 or RS485 interface. Video resolution is adjustable for each channel individually. It supports live play back and recording at the same time.
This color video quad processor supports multiple video display modes including sequence switch, single picture, picture-in-picture, 4 picture, 8 picture, 9 picture, freeze frame and zoom. Alarm modes include video loss alarm, video motion alarm and external alarm. It provides 9 active TTL high/low input and 1 programmable output as normally open or normally closed.

This 9 channel real time color video multiplexer belongs to GAO’s family of Quad Processors & Video Multiplexers. A similar product in this line is 16 Channel Real Time Color Video Multiplexer. This line also includes 4 Channel Color Video Quad Processor which provides 4 CH video, 1 CH DVR and 2 CH alarm input and 1CH video, VCR and alarm output and CCTV: Color Video Quad Processor which supports both PAL and NTSC standards and can freeze all the windows simultaneously. This line of products can be used for schools, homes, factories and traffic surveillance equipment.

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