Horiba Medical Launches the Pentra DX Nexus haematology analyser

Haematology specialists, HORIBA Medical, has launched an advanced high throughput haematology analyser, the Pentra DX Nexus. The new bench-top analyser offers reliability, efficiency and quality, combined with enhanced ease of use and reduced environmental footprint.

Offering 50 parameters and a throughput of 120 samples per hour, the Pentra DX Nexus is compatible with Haemcell, HORIBA Medical’s integrated laboratory solution. Its functionality is further enhanced by accompanying new features of the ABX Pentra ML data manager and an optional combination with SPS evolution slide maker/stainer.

As well as providing rapid analysis and meeting laboratory needs for precision and productivity, the Pentra DX Nexus has been designed with ergonomics in mind. The large, colour touch-screen of the integrated computer has a virtual keyboard and intuitive software. In addition, multiple USB ports enable easy data transfer and hardware connections.

Satisfying accreditation requirements, a novel feature is its ability to display information related to every sample run. A pop-up window on the data manager displays: identification; lot number; the expiry date of reagents and controls; as well as the status of quality control at the time of every result. The innovative features on the data manager include rules to provide the operator with advice based directly on ISLH guidelines and enhanced remote access with patient ID protection.

The Pentra DX Nexus has many areas of technological development that not only enhance sample handling and instrument reliability, but also bring benefits to the laboratory environment. For example, the new laser source offers reduced heat and noise output and power consumption, requires minimal space, yet delivers improved and additional parameters. Additional sample racks offered on the instrument are also compatible with most pre- and post-analytical systems available today.

“Resulting from nearly 30 years of understanding and meeting our customers’ individual needs, we hold a wealth of expertise in haematology within our team. Consequently, HORIBA Medical has become a well-respected and renowned specialist in the design and manufacture of automated in vitro diagnostic systems for haematology and chemistry analysis,” said Cleve Wright, UK General Manager of HORIBA Medical. “With its new colour touch screen and smart access to various functionalities, the Pentra Nexus is an exciting addition to our broad range of Pentra haematology analysers. All are designed to meet our many differing customer requirements, both in the laboratory and at the point-of-care.”

For more information please visit www.horiba.com/uk/medical.