Love out loud studios captures your wedding in a unique & elegant way

If you are looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer to consume time on your wedding day by maneuvering people around to take stiff photos, Love Out Loud Studios is definitely not the place to go. Love Out Loud Studios prides themselves on accommodating your wants and needs—not mindlessly shifting your guests around the venue, which surprisingly, many photographers are guilty of today.

Cole and Anna, founders of Love Out Loud Studios, take time to understand the individual personalities behind the bride and groom. They understand the importance of family, love, and most of all, cherishing memories. The “big day” is often described with visions of a dream wedding. According to Cole and Anna, dreams should be chased. With the help of this Vancouver wedding photography studio, they can be conquered.

Weddings are about spending time with family and friends, not moving around to an endless number of locations pretending like you are having fun. Go out there! Enjoy yourself—Cole and Anna can efficiently do their job, while you are doing yours. The memories made during a wedding are irreplaceable, and Love Out Loud wants to help you hold on to those memories for as long as possible through their elegant Vancouver wedding photography.

This Langley wedding photographer takes modern, yet timeless photos and harnesses creativity in every shot. Instead of pushing their own concept on you, they take your desires and suggestions and channel them in a beautiful, tasteful way. A client on their website wanted the theme of their engagement photos to be “zombie apocalypse,” and Love Out Loud even managed to make those looks graceful and romantic!

If you are looking for an Abbotsford wedding photographer and would prefer a reliable friend rather than a staunch “business associate” on your special day, Love Out Loud can provide you with all you are looking for. Occasionally, you will need someone to hold your dress, maybe wipe that smudge of makeup off of your cheek, or in the most stressful situations, get you a glass of champagne; regardless of the task at hand, whether it be crucial or menial, Love Out Loud Studios will be there to personally assist your needs, while taking magnificent photos that will last a lifetime.