What book has women around the world talking

A trilogy of new fiction novels has the women of the world talking in all languages around the world. This trilogy of novels is on the top reading and selling lists around the world. These three books are about a young and innocent girl who meets a certain billionaire called Christian Grey.

In the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, also available as a pdf called 50 shades of grey pdf and fifty shades of grey pdf, an innocent graduating student, Anastasia Steele, meets Billionaire Christian Grey and she is determined to make the young billionaire fall in love with her.

He is into some weird things and is labelled weird by many people. With his surname of Grey, the author has incorporated his name into an intriguing sounding title. Fifty shades of grey could be just another fiction novel, sitting on the shelf and as an eBook (see 50 shades of grey pdf and fifty shades of grey pdf), but it is ultimately a love story. The book has some very erotic sequences of love scenes between the two lovers.

A very saucy love story, this story is being read in buses and trains, in lunch breaks and in any spare time during the day. It has totally captivated women round the world who want to know more about the weird Christian Grey and his sexual antics. Thankfully, after the first novel is the second in the trilogy called Fifty shades darker, also available as a fifty shades darker pdf. This novel continues the story of Anastasia and Christian revealing more mysteries as more characters are introduced into their lives.

In the second book, Fifty shades darker and the fifty shades darker pdf, the lovers have broken up and Christian goes back to an old lover, Elena, who becomes Ana’s biggest rival. Also introduced is Leila and these two girls have their own sex scenes with Christian described in vivid detail too.

These two novels have captivated the imaginations of the women of the world. If girls in fiction novels have great sex lives why shouldn’t they. Some women are leaving the books laying around for husbands and partners to find. They are hoping that some of the techniques in the book might be learned about and possibly enjoyed.

Never before has a novel been so talked about by women of all ages and from all walks of life. E L James has certainly ignited the passion of women all round the world with this first and second book of the trilogy.

Women are getting lost in the moment reading about the sexual exploits of the characters in the books. Pages are turning and readers are waiting with baited breath about what these characters are going to do next.

If you want to know what the fuss is all about try 50 shades of grey pdf, fifty shades of grey pdf and fifty shades darker pdf and step into this erotic world.

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