Douglas Stafford Mystery Shopping Work with Vodafone Sees Great Success

Douglas Stafford, a leading provider of performance improvement services, including mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, have helped Vodafone staff to improve the quality of service they offer to customers.

Vodafone’s approach to utilising Douglas Stafford’s mystery shopping services allows branch staff members to only see the mystery shopping footage itself, rather than this in addition to evaluation and scoring details.

Vodafone took this approach under the premise that this would help managers to train and coach their teams more effectively and objectively, according to the requirements of each branch.

Claire Barron, Customer Experience Manager at Vodafone Direct Sales, commented: “The way that we’ve dealt with the whole project with Douglas Stafford has been very much about creating a coaching environment in-store, and helping our sales advisors to improve what they do.

“It’s about coaching our staff constantly; not just waiting for the video mystery shopper to drop in and then see the results, but for our store managers to use their own eyes and ears to train their sales advisors.

“Douglas Stafford have been very flexible and allowed us to be creative and use the video mystery shopping in a very different way. They’ve been absolutely brilliant in ensuring that we get exactly what we want out of this project and this innovative approach works incredibly well for Vodafone.”

A spokesperson for Douglas Stafford commented: “We are delighted that our mystery shopping services could be suitably amended to suit Vodafone’s requirements, and that they are so pleased with the results. We welcome any businesses with unique mystery shopping requests to get in touch with us to see how we can adapt this service to suit their specific circumstances.”

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