Andy1st Driving School – Best Option for Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Every individual wishes to learn driving at some point of time in life. This is an enthralling experience which involves risks if best care is not taken. There are several driving schools which claim to offer exceptional services; however, Andy1st Driving School is the only one which has given value in term of lessons as well as costs.

They offer customers the first five driving lessons for just £49.99. This is seen as a fair deal by many individuals in comparison to other driving schools. However, this deal is offered only to new drivers and not experienced ones. So this ensures good amount of savings for new learners while they take quality lessons in driving.

The driving schools offer services to customers in different areas of UK. Birmingham residents can contact the local division and apply to become an active student. They cover all areas of Birmingham. Individuals willing to obtain their driving license with least inconvenience and worry can approach Andy1st Birmingham.

The professionals here are DSA approved with numerous students learning under their observation. They even guarantee that their pupils will possess the necessary knowledge to pass the eventual driving test. As a part of the driving lessons, the instructors not only offer lessons for passing the driving exam, but also the theory test. Knowledge possessed by them is extensive and assists individuals to pass both tests with ease.

The courses designed by Andy1st Driving School are flexible and can be customized as per individual requirement. The professionals possess years of experience in teaching auto and manual driving to their pupils in Birmingham area. They are even qualified to teach the disabled to drive.

Upon signing up with Andy1st, individuals with disabilities such as partially sighted or hearing impaired can become responsible drivers. The driving school charges £49.99 for training with manual cars, whereas the rate charged for lessons with automatic cars is £14.99. Overall, it can be said that these driving courses give good value for investment.

When individuals obtain their license and become responsible drivers, they will no longer have to depend on buses or trains to commute. Andy1st Birmingham even offers discounts for block bookings which guide them further in saving. The driving school is dedicated to provide excellent tuition at competitive prices to all their customers. Their services will help individuals to achieve their goal with freedom and flexibility.

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