Asquith London Offers Organic Yoga Clothing Collection for a Comfortable Yoga Experience

Asquith London has launched a clothing line especially designed for yoga sessions. This clothing company is based in Denizli of southern Turkey and supplies organic yoga clothing across the world.

Asquith London is a family endeavor and it has been in business since 1994. What are considered to be the biggest USP of Asquith Clothing are its fabrics.

This clothing company is opposed to using conventional cotton and makes its wide collection using organic cotton. Organic cotton is farmed organically and does not use chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It is grown in the soil where no pesticide has been used for at least the past three years. Asquith Clothing is also known for using bamboo to make its organic yoga attires.

The company says that it uses bamboo because it is better for the environment, dries up faster, has temperature cooling properties, has anti-bacterial functions and makes strong and durable clothes.

The Asquith London clothes seems to have a signature style which can be layered by people who wear it and can also be worn differently in order to suit different kinds of lifestyles.

A spokesperson of Asquith London said what seem to work for them as far as yoga clothes for women are concerned is the salient features of the clothes they manufacture. She said, “Since our clothes are made using the highest quality of material, it is soft and smooth and feels wonderful against the skin. The clothes are breathable, made with chemical free fabric and they don’t shrink or bobble or fade. In short, our clothes are exactly what yoga clothes should be all about”.

An ardent Asquith London clothes lover, who also happens to be a yoga teacher said, “I simply love the clothes of Asquith London. I wear them always; in fact I wear them when I am at home as well. If I were to pick my favorite pieces of Asquith clothes I would choose the bamboo leggings. I team it up with a pair of trendy boots and am good to go. I also love the fold over pants”.

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