Eternity Rings Continue to be Popular

The giving of an eternity ring is a beautiful tradition that is still popular even in a modern world.

The tradition of giving an eternity ring to your loved one after a significant period of marriage is one that has stood the test of time, it specifically symbolises eternal love dates back over 4,000 years to the Egyptians.

It was customary for Egyptian men to give their partners gorgeous eternity rings, which were shaped like a snake swallowing its own tail. A symbol that has to a large extent died out, but is still seen in some modern eternity rings. Today, eternal love is more often represented by a continuous ring of precious gemstones that are embedded into a band of platinum or gold.

When these beautiful rings are given varies from culture to culture and, to some extent, from generation to generation. It was not so long ago that eternity rings were only given after 40 or 25 years of marriage. Those given on the 40th anniversary usually featured rubies and diamonds, whilst those given on the 25th anniversary normally just featured diamonds. However, these rings were actually not given as a symbol of future commitment rather as a celebration of the commitment the couple had demonstrated over the years.

In the past few decades, this has changed and today eternity rings are once again being given to mark a new level of commitment. They are once again gifts that look forward in time rather than back.

The way modern couples give eternity rings

Today couples are more likely to give each other an eternity ring after the 1st or 5th anniversary of marriage. It symbolises that the couple have passed the first flush of young love and are sure they will remain together. Even couples who are not married are using eternity rings in this way giving them on the 1st anniversary of their first date or another symbolic or significant anniversary.

Gorgeous eternity rings are also being used to mark a new stage in a relationship, for example, the birth of a couple’s first child. A point in life where most couples make a renewed commitment to each other and family life. Astley Clarke know how popular eternity rings are, so add more to their range as often as they can. The latest to be added to their collection is by Katie Rowland one of the best contemporary jewellery designers currently working.

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