New Art Venue in a Private Apartment Debuts in Deptford, London

Artist, tenant & curator Sarah Jacobs, is busy pulling together the last stings for the inaugural exhibition at her new art venue, which also happens to be her home and art studio.

The show, which is concerned with understanding, “the Precious,” brings together 20 small works from artists living on three continents. A private viewing is being held on September 28th from 6-9pm to coincide with South London’s Last Friday art night.

The Porthole Space’s first exhibition focuses on the Precious. Preciousness can refer to objects, secrets, obsession, memories, love, and even life itself. It can also be a patronising concept, belittling that which could be powerful. Each artwork explores the consequences, both good and bad, of the deepest type of attachment.

In a video work entitled Judy, video artist Joseph Sobel delves into the artist’s relationship with an older woman whose memories of a troubled past colour her day to day life. Another video work, Inside, by Mandy Williams, plays with privacy and voyeurism.

Artworks are included that examine religious and historical experiences, our sense of identity and perfection, and the process of birth ageing and death. Some are personal, sexual or self asserting, while others, like Edinson Javier Quiñones’ series on the cocaine trade and artist Travis Childers’ 100 Graph Paper Tanks, consider what we as nations and markets consider valuable.

Artists Included:
Adrijana Urschall Subotica, Serbia & London, United Kingdom
Aurora Ira Cambridge, United Kingdom
Caroline Underwood London, United Kingdom
David Nugent Dublin, Ireland
Edinson Quiñones Popayan, Colombia
Ingrid Berthon-Moine London, United Kingdom
Joseph Sobel Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
Katherine Rohrbacher Los Angeles, California, United States
Kazuya Tsuji London, United Kingdom
Kirsty Harris London, United Kingdom
Mandy Williams London, United Kingdom
Paul Stanley London, United Kingdom
Tete de Alencar London, United Kingdom
Tracy Leech-Williams London, United Kingdom
Travis Childers Washington DC, United States
William Downs Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Yuko Nabeta London, United Kingdom

Please join the artists and curator for the private viewing on September 28th from 6-9pm, at the Porthole Space located at 14 Deptford Broadway, Flat #5 London SE8 4PA. The exhibition will remain open by appointment until the 18th Of October. For more information visit