Demand Increases For Specialist Mediation Services

The Lawyer Mediators Group, a team of legal experts in mediation, has seen a steep rise in the demand for their services as a result of recent changes to family law.

The government has made changes to family law legislation to encourage all divorcing and separating couples to make use of one of the available national family mediation services. The hope is that couples will then have a better chance of settling any differences before they go to court, helping to reduce the rise in lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

The Lawyer Mediators Group offer mediation services that they believe can achieve the best outcomes as opposed to standard mediation. Elizabeth Fyfe, a solicitor working for The Lawyer Mediators Group, explained: “Mediators working for The Lawyer Mediators Group are trained mediators who are also practising solicitors, barristers and legal executives in their areas of expertise. We feel that this enables us to offer the very best mediation services to our clients, helping us to help them to reach the most secure and long lasting solutions.”

The mediation process involves a series of meetings which must be attended by both parties. A mediator attends all the meetings and it is their role to help couples reach amicable solutions as quickly as possible. Mediation is particularly successful in resolving issues surrounding children and finances. Clare Thornton from The Lawyer Mediators Group said: “One of the biggest concerns for most couples going through divorce is the effect that the process is likely to have on their children.

“Using family mediation can be a great way to help reduce the impact of divorce on family life and by using a lawyer mediator, couples can be sure that they are doing the very best to protect family relationships.

“Our legal background means that we can help parents come to agreements on childcare that are made within the law and designed to be safe, secure and long-lasting.”

Financial concerns also often prove to be a big worry for divorcing couples. Mediation can help to reduce the costs and time that is often spent on divorce by helping couples to resolve their differences quickly. “Lawyer mediators aren’t able to give legal advice during mediation, however their legal expertise will help to steer discussions in the right direction, helping to keep the process on track. If any legal advice is required during mediation, couples are able to seek the advice of their solicitor,” added Clare Thornton.