Enterprise park in Iceland generates interest for algae production greenhouses

Leading Enterprise Park in Iceland, Asbru, has generated interest for its algae production greenhouses from representatives of domestic and foreign companies in the health and cosmetics industry.

According to Arni Sigfusson, Mayor of Reykjanes town, where Asbru is located, companies have shown interest in building the algae greenhouses, and representatives have already visited the Enterprise Park to check out the facilities. Representatives are also looking to utilise existing buildings for the algae production, as well as to invest in plots of land for future constructions.

Oli Orn Eiriksson, specialist in business development at the Asbru Enterprise Park, notes that there are several factors attracting algae companies to the Reykjanes:

“In the Reykjanes peninsula we already have established businesses in algae production, such as the Blue Lagoon, as well as other companies using greenhouses to produce raw material for biotech production, such as ORF Genetics. All infrastructures for algae production are in place and we have good access to geothermal energy, hot and cold water, hot and cold seawater, and other resources necessary for development. The Asbru Enterprise Park is located only 45 minutes from the center of Reykjavik and just 6 minutes from the Keflavik international airport passenger terminal which gives companies great access to knowledge located in Reykjavik or in some of the cities directly connected to the airport.”

Asbru Enterprise Park is on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, business and academic development in Iceland, with focus on technology, renewable energy, medical tourism and engineering.

Furthermore, Asbru offers business offices of varying sizes which have proven to be an attractive incentive for companies looking to use the enterprise park as their base. Amongst some of the companies located in Asbru’s offices are innovative and ancillary businesses such as data centres, engineering firms and agencies.

To find out more regarding the Enterprise Park in Iceland, as well as its algae production, visit www.asbru.is/english.