Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscopes w/ DMM

GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) is offering its handheld digital storage oscilloscopes, which integrate a digital oscilloscope (DSO), a digital Multimeter (DMM) and a 6 bit digit frequency counter into one unit. They are commonly used in the sciences, medicine, engineering and telecommunication industry.

The 6 bit handheld digital storage oscilloscopes, model A0110004, feature auto scale function, automatic settings function, automatic parameter measurements, and advanced triggering options.

They have 27 automatic waveform measurement functions and offer such advanced triggering functions as edge, pulse, video and alternative. They also perform cursor tracking measurements and have special recording, storage and playback functions.

GAO Instruments’ A0110004 digital storage oscilloscope series cover bandwidths from 25 MHz to 200 MHz and provide real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively from 1 GSa/s to 25 GSa/s. They provide math functions including add, subtract, multiply and divide. They also allow multifunctional dials and powerful shortcut key operations which save time in operation. In addition, the oscilloscope provides up to 3 hours continuous operation.

These handheld digital storage oscilloscopes belong to GAO’s family of Portable Digital Oscilloscope. Featured products in this line are Portable Digital Scope with FFT which is commonly used for electronic circuit debugging, circuit testing, design and manufacture, education and training, automobile maintenance and testing, 4-Channel Mini Digital Oscilloscope which is based on ARM cortex M3 (STM32F103VCT6) 32 bit platform and provides a real-time sampling rate of 72 MSa/s with integrated FPGA and high speed ADC and Portable 2-Channel 150 MHz Digital Oscilloscope which has 150 MHz bandwidth and 4 k memory depth per channel and offers up to 250 MS/s real-time sample rate. This line also has Portable Two Channel 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope and Handheld Two Channel 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with DDM.

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