Everconnect.me to celebrate new social communication platform from Mt. Fuji

To celebrate the new social communication platform launch, everconnect.me has connected with its friends and fans from Japan’s highest mountain, Mt. Fuji.

Everconnect.me prepared a party on top of the mountain, posting real time updates from the mountain climb via everconnect.me, sharing a beautiful sunrise at Mt. Fuji.

Everconnect.me is a social communication platform that solves the social communication overload of managing multiple social networking services and contact lists by unifying all profiles in one place. It offers an easier, quicker and more efficient social networking experience. everconnect.me is encouraging all individuals to waste less time online and use saved time to create experiences to share with their friends. That is why they brought their launch party all the way up to the top of Japan’s highest mountain and encouraged their users to set their own exciting personal challenge and accomplish it over the weekend.

Having a great time achieving personal goals and using a quick and easy tool to post about the winning moments across different social networking platforms is what everconnect.me is all about!

The team started the challenge from Yoshida-guchi 5th station at 9PM, just as the moon appeared above Fujisan providing enough light to reveal the path towards the next station to thousands of enthusiastic climbers. Meeting and connecting with new friends from all over the world along the way was one of the most valuable aspects of the event. The night was getting darker and colder, but with encouragement of other climbers and a few chocolate breaks at the station huts, it was easy to enjoy the night at the volcano. With a thunderstorm which could be seen in the distance and a falling star above the peak of Fujisan, it seemed as though the night couldn’t get any more enchanting. everconnect.me successfully updated friends and fans on the progress of the adventure and reached the peak after 7 hours, just in time for sunrise. Let the pictures prove it was the most beautiful sunrise one could ever imagine: see the pictures.

Enjoy real life and set your own goals – share your victory easily across different social networking platforms via https://everconnect.me  and motivate your friends to live their dreams too!

As part of their launch campaign everconnect.me is giving away FREE LIFETIME PREMIUM LICENSES with unlimited social network account integration and data storage to the first 100,000 registered users. Sign up now and invite your friends to join the thrill!

Many more services and features will be supported in the future. Sign up now and stay tuned for updates!