Array of 25 Tournaments for Poker Lovers

After Asian poker Tournament (APT) hosted by India’s largest online poker/poker online/online poker game website Poker Guru. The APT results were quite startling, wherein the winner was Sweden’s Martin Nilsson who bagged a total of INR 19,42,000 with an addition of INR 50,000 (Main Even Winner). The website has further started with Poker Guru Tournament Online on The first PGT online has begun yesterday at 10:00 am.

Before this website, playing online poker in India/poker India was not so easy. The website also allows people to play online with and without cash and also hosts a number of tournaments both in-location and online. This month’s PGT online has started yesterday and its next table will be chaired on 17th June.

There is lot of excitement seen through the number of enrolls, which is in thousands. The website has already confirmed that this is just a part of its 25 series of PGT online that will see its finals in December. The winners of each tournament will be given poker guru/ pokerguru merchandise as prize, while the best player of 25 tournaments will be given a surprise gift with a grand prize (undisclosed).

With Poker Guru the reasons to cheer are many. Those who always cheered poker but were never able to play it can now enjoy the game. They can learn poker and then play it online. They don’t have to play it with real money, for them the website has free online poker/play poker online facility. Here they can practice what they have learned, till they are mature to play real poker games.

To keep children away from this game the website has kept the rule of minimum 18 years entry only. With this rule Indian parents and players can be assured that they don’t have to deal with any amateur problems. Their focus of lifting the poker game in India seems to be in progress. The beginners in this field are first well coached with poker rules/how to play poker and then they are asked to play a poker game. This creates potential and mature poker players for present and future. The second PGT online tournament (under the league of 25 tournaments) is to be held at 11:00 am on 17 June 2012.