Jordan Computer Society discusses challenges facing the sector’s development

The Jordan Computer Society (JCS) together with several member companies and those specialized in retailing and distributing computers in the Kingdom have discussed the main challenges facing the sector’s growth at the local level.

In a meeting headed by the Chairman of JCS, Eng. Azam Shwaihat, the participants highlighted opportunities and means of cooperation to take the sector to the next level and address the problems hindering the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, including regulation and issues related with the government authorities that have negatively affected the industry and reduced its competitiveness.

Eng. Shwaihat stressed the society’s keenness to service and ensure the stability of small and medium-sized businesses which comprise a large percentage of the successful companies operating in the sector and play a significant role in the national economy.

In addition, the sector representatives underscored the importance of initiating joint efforts with public organizations and concerned parties to tackle these concerns and come up with a plan that will help bring the slump in PC retail to an end while preserving job security for a workforce of 70.000 employees.

In his comment, Eng. Shwaihat said: “We aim through this meeting to cement ties and push forward cooperation among the nation’s small and medium-sized computer companies while engaging Jordanian talents and experts to achieve satisfactory levels of development in the technology sector which is currently confronting several challenges that must be overcome.”

Eng. Shwaihat added that a more comprehensive future plan should be developed for utilizing the society’s internal resources and optimizing the investment activities and services directed at its members, while boosting joint communication with all public bodies to push the wheel of economic development further out and open job opportunities for local workforce in regional markets.

Calling on for organizing promotional and field activities for stimulating the local market, the partakers agreed on holding the first “back to school” festival that includes all types of PCs, printers, scanners, and other network-related accessories at the end of August 2012 at Amman International Motor Show.

At the end of the meeting, the society set up four subcommittees, namely the exhibitions and conferences committee, the investment committee, the membership (individuals and enterprises) committee, and a fourth committee responsible for communicating with small and medium-sized companies and public bodies.
Remarkably, the information and communications technology sector in the Kingdom is a strategic pillar of the national economy, given that its contribution to Jordan’s GDP increased from 14.3% in 2008 to 16% until early 2012.

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