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To say that video games have come a long way in the last few decades would be a huge understatement. Those who remember the early Atari console games, or even Pong, tend to marvel at the modern games of the 21st Century, which utilize graphics that the early game players and makers could scarcely have dreamed of.

As games become faster and more complex, with better graphics and more sophisticated interaction, the video game business just becomes bigger, more diverse, and more competitive. Video game design is now a college major in many industrialized countries, and the new professionals in the field take on the challenge of pushing the industry ever further.

As video games increase in popularity, a couple of different trends emerge. Video game collecting has become a bit more complex than it was in the early days, because so many different consoles and games are now available. In addition to the impulse to keep up with the latest and greatest new games, many people around the world have taken up the hobby of collecting the older, vintage video games of their youth. Every weekend, video game collectors scour garage sales and flea markets hoping to find good deals on old and rare games that few people have set eyes on in over a decade. Whether used or new, these games are big business. In fact, some of the old games are worth many times more than any new game, because of their rarity.

Now, collectors and players of video games have a resource to help the complicated world of game collecting make much more sense. is a unique website run by gamers, for gamers. This website houses a wealth of information that any serious gamer would find valuable, including an enormous game pricing guide that goes on page after page. This price guide is organized by game console type, including hand-held games and less common game types. Under each type of game hardware, the site lists the game title, genre, buy price, and sell price. This is an absolute must for buyers and sellers of video games, especially when dealing with rare and hard-to-find games. One of the creators’ intentions when developing the pricing guide was to allow collectors to quickly check pricing information from their smart phones while in the field, shopping at garage sales, stores, and flea markets.

In addition to’s insightful articles, reviews, and videos, it also provides an impressive list of video game stores across the United States, organized by state and city, and providing links and maps. This valuable service makes it possible to find a great gaming store in just about every major city (and many minor ones) in the U.S. The reviews and articles on the site are fair, balances, and detailed, and the videos are informative and entertaining. This site represents a truly educational approach to game collecting, giving valuable advice on virtually every possible facet of the hobby.

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