Barber Design Develops New SugarSin Store Visuals

Barber Design, a leading contemporary retail interior design agency, recently developed a design for the new SugarSin store in London’s popular Long Acre, Covent Garden area.

SugarSin’s owners, sisters Anna and Joesfin, approached Barber Design in June 2010 to create the concept visuals for their new sweets shop after another design firm had failed to realise their initial vision. Whatever ideas Barber Design developed needed to match the brand and packaging graphics which had already been created by London-based design studio AND SMITH. The first meeting between Barber Design and the client uncovered Anna and Josefin’s desire for a unique, quirky and fun shop that sold a variety of sweets from around the world. As sweets are still common treats for adults and children in Sweden, they wanted to bring a part of this culture to London. However, as their combined backgrounds do not include retail, they wanted to get everything right.

Barber Design’s first concept was well-received by the clients, so they were commissioned to develop this for planning approval to secure the site in the Long Acre area a year later in 2011. A full drawings pack of the design for manufacture was also created by Barber Design, and throughout the process they worked closely with the clients to make their dreams of owning a sweets shop in trendy Covent Garden a reality. The store opened in late December 2011 with a vibrant and unique design, and received a positive review in the prestigious Time Out Magazine.

“Even with a small design (and build) budget, SugarSin’s exciting opportunity allowed our creativity to emerge whilst keeping the quality in the detail of the features,” said Doug Barber, Manager Director of Barber Design. “With the small budget and the client’s family members (flown over from Sweden) helping to decorate and install the shop’s features, the quality of the furniture and decorating is exceptional. The finished look includes colourful fun furniture, twisted poles, glass bubbles, black and white striped flooring, built-in wall displays and harlequin tile wall patterns, all of which are reminiscent of well-known sweets and have the feel of a fantasy wonderland. We are thrilled to have helped Anna and Josefin realise their dream, and wish them every success.”

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About Barber Design:
Barber Design is a small, specialist team of contemporary retail interior designers in London, dedicated to creating creative, quirky and unique ideas for their clients’ projects. Barber Design aims to increase their clients’ profits through inspiring retail store design; strong brand identity and in-store graphics; and bold website designs, whilst maintaining green principles throughout.

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