, the first financial social network is landing in the United Kingdom

After taking the lead on the French market of online financial recruitment, Dogfinance is now intending to strike at a huge market : the United Kingdom. is a social network specialised in finance which has brought 66,000+ members together and has recorded 200,000+ visits per month so far. Dogfinance is made up of three concepts: recruitment, the professional social network and the information network with a very active news section.

Staying focused in finance and growing up abroad

Dogfinance remains and will be remaining specialised in the financial fields to keep its community identity. To  expand, Dogfinance is willing to get beyond the French borders and set up on other local markets. That’s the reason why Dogfinance has made a first €200,000 fundraising to become international.

« Dogfinance’s strategy is not just about offering numerous languages but also conquering various countries one by one, with content dedicated to the local market” says Sébastien Guichard, the co-founder of Dogfinance. “The network will remain global and all the countries will be connected to one another”.

Targeting the world’s largest financial centre as a pilot country

Dogfinance did not choose the United Kingdom at random to begin its international development:

–          The United Kingdom is ranked as the world’s largest financial centre

–          Paris and London are very close to each other. It is therefore easier to regularly travel back and forth

–          One of our associates lives in London and acts as the intermediary with the Parisian team.

The United Kingdom is a mere beginning

Many other countries are already being considered such as Luxembourg – where finance is a very present sector -, Italy and Maghreb. Emerging countries also show up a strong potential in the financial sector.

About Dogfinance : started up in January 2010. In November 2010, Dogfinance recorded 10,000 members and 80,000 visitors per month. Since then, it has strongly developed, particularly thanks to the virality of its network and its partnerships drawn up with Business schools and engineers. This enabled Dogfinance to hit up to 60,000 members in January 2012.

Activity : Recruitment and professional social network specialised in finance
Launching: January 2010
2011 Turnover:  €150,000
Staff: 10 people
Capital stock:  €225,000

Press Contact

Sébastien Guichard –  –  +33 (0)6 11 87 34 38