PeePee TeePees are in stock and in style – perfect for every parent

Bippity Boppity Baby continues to offer a fun and high quality lineup of baby products. What’s the item that has everyone talking? Two words: Peepee Teepee. Every parent goes through the silly experience of saying to themselves “please, please, don’t pee on me!” when changing their babies diapers. To those peoples, this product is a miracle!

The Peepee Teepee is 100% cotton, super-soft, and comes in dozens of adorable designs. Each Peepee Teepee is made of a super absorbent terry cloth that is fully reusable and machine washable.

Never get caught off guard again! The inexpensive, yet prized Peepee Teepee makes a perfect gift for new parents and is always a hit at baby showers. Peepee Teepees really are the ultimate diapering accessory. The Peepee Teepee may not stop that sprinkling wee-wee, but at least you will have armed yourself with the ultimate in sprinkler defense!

Get your PeePee Teepee today at! As always, receive FREE shipping on select items including all Robeez Baby Shoes. Visit us at our retail location on Main Street in historic downtown, Nashua NH!

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