Wholesale Baby toys just got more exciting with licensed characters

Baby wholesale always provides a wide selection to cater for the needs of your particular retail outlet. The introduction of licensed characters to the range just made that even broader.

The supply chain that starts with Wholesale Baby Toys remains an exciting place to find the products you wish to retail in your baby goods outlet. As you will well know however, it is important to keep your product offering fresh and interesting to your customers. In order to continually update this source, your Baby Toys Wholesaler is always scanning the horizon for new products. The most exciting news in this area has just been released with the arrival of new licensed characters from the brands of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child, Stripy Horse, and The Enormous Crocodile.

In the constant quest to refresh the wide array of Baby Goods Wholesale, trends in the marketplace need to be recognised. Often these come directly from the infant themselves to their parent and through the retailer to the Toys Wholesale and then the brands and marketers. As a result of this source of intelligence, we have the opportunity now to offer licensed character novelties directly to you for your retail baby shops and spots.

The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child are great examples of the wholesale baby market responding to these customer demands. Following on the phenomenal success of these endearing characters in books and on screen, a selection of large and small plush toys is now available to capture this consumer need. The Aurora Gruffalo Sitting Soft Toy in 7’’ and 16’’ versions, together with the Aurora Gruffalo’s Child Sitting Soft Toy in 7’’ and 16’’ sizes will make great ‘buy-me-now’ additions to your range. Displayed in the window for increased walk-in appeal, or at point-of-purchase for those impulsive moments, these soft toys are great for both gender children. They make great partners to press home to parents the joys of reading to their infants. To complement this range are the Aurora Gruffalo’s Child Hand Puppet and Aurora Gruffalo Hand Puppet and Mouse Finger Puppet, with sell-through appeal in combination with a bedtime story.

Variety in licensed character novelties continues with the Stripy Horse range. It is not just wholesale plush toys that are the domain of these characters. The Stripy Horse Melamine 3-piece set is a great stock item for addition to gift registers. The Stripy Horse Comfort Blanket, Peg Puzzle, and fabric Toy are great range expanders from this character.

The Enormous Crocodile Melamine 3-piece set, Hand Puppet, and Soft Toy complete the suite of novelty goods with wide-ranging appeal. Any one of these collections adds a new aspect to your stock.

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