Battery Conductance Tester Performs High Precision Online Testing

GAO Tek Inc. ( is offering its Battery Conductance Tester which performs high precision online testing. It is designed to accurately distinguish the health of each cell of a battery in just seconds. Combined with a computer and special battery data analysis software, this battery conductance tester tracks battery decay trends and sends an alarm in advance of problems.

This portable battery conductance tester, model A0E30001, tests the battery voltage and conductance online and displays and records multiple groups of batteries’ voltage, conductance, and connecting strip resistance. It offers voltage test ranges from 0.000 to 25.000 V at a precision of ±0.2% rdg ± 6 dgt and conductance test range from 100 to 19990 S at a precision of ±0.5% rdg ± 6 dgt. This battery conductance tester has a large memory capacity which stores up to 999 groups of battery parameters with a maximum of 500 cell battery per group. Test results can be uploaded to a computer by SD card for further analysis. In addition, it is powered by a 10.8 V, 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

This portable battery conductance tester belongs to GAO’s family of Electrical Testers.This line includes a variety of testers such as Earth Ground Testers family which are ideal tools for utility engineers or technicians, electrical contractors or earth ground professionals , Automotive Testers family which include 4-Channel Automotive Tester/Diagnostic Oscilloscope, Multi-function Logic Analyzer, Portable Digital Scope w/FFT and some other products.

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