Network Tester Combines the Functionality of Both a TDR and DMM into One Unit

GAO Comm ( has launched its handheld network tester designed for the installation and maintenance of xDSL networks The advanced network tester integrates the functionality of both a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) and a Digital Multi- Meter (DMM) into one unit.

This full-featured compact network tester, model A0060002, performs network layer testing including Ping, IPconfig, Tracert and Route, cable length testing, PPPOE dialing, attribute revision, and wiring diagram testing to validate cable link sequence. The network tester also conducts DMM tests such as AC or DC voltage, loop resistance, line capacitance and line insulation. It tests 4 pairs of non-shielded cables and 4 pairs of shielded cables including CAT5, CAT5E and CAT6.

The easy–to-use tester measures cable length and locates breaks and faults within a maximum distance of 150 m.
This portable network tester offers fixative IP scanning and Web browsing for LAN test and has a memory capacity of 20 MB to store test results. It can be powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery or a 9.6 V DC adaptor. The embedded software can be upgraded to the latest version through LAN or USB.

This network tester belongs to GAO’s family of Network Testers. This line of products is suited for the installation and maintenance of networks and conduct network testing, cable testing and many other tests. The line also includes a Handheld Portable Gigabit Ethernet Tester which is widely used in BER testing of layer1, layer2, layer3, and RFC-2544. This family is ergonomically designed and easy to carry thus it becomes an ideal choice for technicians.

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About GAO Comm

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