Candle Shack announce its 2011 best selling scented candle fragrances

Candle Shack, a UK based manufacturer of hand-made natural soy wax candles, has today announced its best selling candle fragrances for 2011. Traditional favourites, such as Clean Cotton, Lavender and Vanilla have all been left in the shadows of two bold new fragrances. The best selling scented candles in the Candle Shack range were the delicious ‘Sweet Orange & Chilli Pepper’ and the impossibly fresh ‘Cucumber & Wasabi’ lines.

When was launched little over a year ago, the founders made two key decisions. First, they would only ever use 100% natural soy wax in their scented candles. Second, they would introduce several ‘exciting and quirky’ fragrances to provide customers with an alternative to more classical scents.

The top three selling Candle Shack fragrances throughout 2011 have been:

• Sweet Orange and Chilli Pepper: A sweet and spicy blend of Orange Zest, Tangarine, Bergamot, Cassis and Neroli with undertones of Black-Pepper, Chilli and Musk.

• Cucumber and Wasabi: Grapefruit and Lime, with heart notes of Cucumber, Guava and Passion Fruit, perfectly balanced with base notes of Japanese Wasabi and Coriander

• Clean Cotton & Amber: Clean Cotton with White Blossom top notes, Cashmere heart notes and Amber, Musk and a hint of Patchouli

Candle Shack’s 14 fragrances are the result of 12 months of hands-on market research, where over 100 fragrances were tried, tested and refined, with help from literally hundreds of customers at local markets and numerous focus groups.

The results may have surprised many, but Duncan MacLean, Managing Director of Candle Shack had this to say:

“Candle Shack’s bolder fragrances, although perhaps a little unconventional, were not chosen on a whim. Each and every fragrance in our range has been selected based on painstaking research and direct feedback from our customers. Sweet Orange and Chilli Pepper was an instant hit with market customers and has outsold all other fragrances in the range. Its sweet citrus top notes and warm spicy base notes have the broadest appeal I have encountered in any candle. Almost everyone who smells it falls in love with it and we have struggled to maintain stock levels. Our Cucumber and wasabi fragrance has also been extremely popular and was leading the field in the summer months.”

These and other Candle Shack fragrances are available to purchase online. Sweet Orange & Chilli-Pepper and Cucumber and Wasabi are available across the entire Candle Shack product range.

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