New website for selling your used books is launched

The guys at Lancashire based Revival Books have launched a new website, The site does exactly what it says on the label, “turn your books into cash”. There are no gimmicks, no trying to sell you anything, just straight ‘we will buy books from you for cash’; paid to you either by cheque, PayPal or straight into your bank account.

There is no waiting weeks or months seeing whether or not your books will sell as with some other sites and not really knowing for how much. There are no frequent trips to the Post Office to post your books one at a time as and when they sell. There is no losing out on the postage since posting a heavy textbook can cost a lot more than the postage allowance on other sites.
Webuybooks believe that they pay more for the books and more importantly they buy a wider range of books than their direct competitors, and claim as a result it is a far less frustrating process. Also they accept a smaller value of books so you don’t have to achieve such a high total in order to benefit.
They says, from going to their site entering your ISBN’s (the unique number every book has) the whole process can take as little as 5 days before you have your cash, if you post your books straight away. Generally the books get processed and paid for the day they arrive, although this is not guaranteed this is generally what happens.

Here are some recent examples:
• Olivia sold 20 books for £71.63
• Aaron sold 5 books for £25.59
• Claire sold 14 books for £52.93

And it has not been mentioned but posting the books to them is free. So it is definitely worth checking the site to see if those unwanted textbooks can earn you some spending money.

To find out more, please contact