Iceland airport reaps benefits of successful marketing campaigns

Keflavik International Airport in Iceland has been strengthening customer relations with the implementation of a number of successful marketing campaigns. The Iceland airport is now reaping the benefits of its hard work, seeing a positive increase in activity on its social media outlets, as well as an increase in positive feedback from customers passing through the terminal and online.

Keflavik Airport has implemented campaigns such as sweepstakes, online games, competitions with prizes to be won, and most recently a travel raffle. Prior to the implementation of these campaigns, KEF was already well-known for its passenger satisfaction. Baggage delivery and terminal facilities have also been highly commended by passengers, with particular reference to the duty free shopping area.

The products in the Keflavik Duty Free stores are very competitive in price to other European airports, and prices are up to 50 percent lower than in Reykjavík retail stores. The duty free shopping area consists of eighteen stores, selling both well-known products and Icelandic designs.

Keflavik International Airport also offers excellent arrival terminal facilities including a coffee shop, bank and grocery store. In addition, there is also a tourist information centre, bus terminal, car rental, and an airport car park.

Moreover, with transatlantic flights and connecting flights across Europe and North America, KEF has been referred to as the central hub for travel within the Atlantic. This title also contributed to the airport being appointed the Best Airport in Europe in 2009 by the Airport Council International (ACI).

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