Padron cigars at famous smoke shop

“When Padron is on the label, quality is a matter of family honor.” This is the motto of the Padron family that makes the world famous Padron Cigars. Manufactured by their own privately held company, these cigars are manufactured in Esteli , Nicaragua.The company has manufactured under the Padron family name for three generations. Every aspect of cigar production,from growing tobacco, curing, sorting, cigar manufacturing and distribution are handled by the family itself.They pride themselves in doing so,making a high-quality cigar that is truly unequalled.

If nothing else, Padron cigars are a benchmark and a true product of patience and perseverance. Each cigar is handmade with long-aged tobaccos procured from Cuban seeds and grown entirely in Nicaragua.The blend is so unique, it’s one of the reasons the cigar has such a truly wide appeal.Moreover,the prices of Padron Cigars are quite reasonable for the level of quality and flavor you will be sure to enjoy.

Apart from the taste,another distinguishing feature of the Padron cigars is their square, box-pressed shape.Wrapped in dusky brown wrappers, this square-pressed cigar offers a medium-to-full bodied flavor with perfect balance,complexity,sophistication,elegance, and of course,their hallmark coffee and cocoa bean essence on the finish. However,it is not easy to produce such a consistently high level of quality.This consistency is achieved by limiting the annual production and aging for a minimum of two-and-half years, so they are always at the peak of flavor.

These cigars can now be purchased from Famous Smoke Shop.Famous offers these cigars in all of their many editions and makes them much more affordable by buying them in larger quantities.Full boxes of cigars and samplers containing a Padron selections are also available. Each shape is listed with its customer rating. A great example of Padron Cigars’quality is that none of them has a rating below 85.