Logo design and branding agency in Sydney

Established in 1999 as a boutique graphic design company, DPM Creative Group has grown from strength to strength in the last ten years taking on bigger and more interesting accounts and expanding their skill base in the arts and entertainment industry. This has included many reputable government accounts. Their mission has always been to offer their clients modern and simple design solutions that are both intelligent and thought provoking. They couple this with a passion for production management and often assist with the print and delivery of their projects.

They also have an acute understand of the marketing side of the businesses and that’s where I come into the picture: to take over their SEO and direct marketing clients. The hard part anyway. Of course not every project requires this and both myself and the DPM team understand this very well but if yours does or you think it does, they’d love nothing more than to discuss your production, SEO, social networking and direct marketing objectives with you.

If your goals include experience driven design that is both engaging and informative then please contact the team at DPM Creative Group.

The design industry in Sydney is fierce and the competition is everywhere. I openly and gladly recommend these guys as a worthwhile consideration for your next creative project. They are the first to admit they are not the perfect fit for everyone but that’s exactly what I love about them. Anna Ballantine is a junior publicist and marketer based in Enmore. Her clients include DPM Creative Group, Monday Records and more recently Enmore Audio. Logo Design is her new passion and she hopes you agree.

For more information, visit http://www.dpm.net.au/