The Wetsuit Centre introduces the New Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Every once in a while an innovative, boundary-pushing new wetsuit comes along which is light years ahead of everything already on the market, and just blows the competition out of the water. For 2011, it looks like it could be the Rip Curl Flash Bomb, a revolutionary new design that aims to take wetsuits to a whole new level.

The main selling point of the Flash Bomb is its ability to dry out quickly. In this respect it offers something truly extraordinary, it takes only 15 minutes to go from soaking wet to touch dry.

The Flash Bomb is due to be officially released in the Autumn / Winter of 2011/2012, but the Wetsuit Centre have been able to get their hands on this sensational product months in advance.

So how does it actually work?

The innovators at Rip Curl have designed a special furry lining for the inside of the suit. To dry out the Flash Bomb, the user will simply turn the suit inside out and leave it out to dry. The material used in the Flash Bomb means that the wetsuit is completely dry within a quarter of an hour, and is ready to be worn once again.

It is hoped that this design will put an end to people being forced to don cold, uncomfortable wetsuits that are still wet from the previous day’s surfing

The Flash Bomb also has a range of other innovations and advantages not found elsewhere. It features a fully waterproof zip and new stitchless technology which eliminates water penetration, meaning that you will stay warm and will be consequently be able to stay out in the water for longer.

Additionally, Rip Curl have utilised the latest E3+ tape to reinforce all the seams on the inside of the Flash Bomb. It has the same durability as traditional liquid tape, but it is much more stretchy.

There’s plenty of time to get excited about the Flash Bomb, as it will not go on sale until towards the end of the year. Of course, the Wetsuit Centre will be among the very first to take delivery of this trailblazing new wetsuit when Rip Curl do finally unleash it on the world.

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