Self Temptation the first online retailer to be selling Baci Lingerie

The current recession and state of the economy continues people to cut back and not enjoy life to the full and let’s face it people need cheering up. Well Self Temptation, the first online retailer of Baci Lingerie is here to put a smile on your face and give you some good news! With everybody cutting back on luxuries Self Temptation are offering you an affordable luxury to help treat yourself or someone special, beating the recession and making you feel fabulous.

Self Temptation the hottest new lingerie company online is now bringing the beautiful Baci Lingerie exclusively to the UK. Baci Lingerie is the newest and sexiest intimate apparel collection to hit the fashion industry. Baci Italian for ‘kisses’ hosts a beautiful range of collections with innovative design and stunning fabrics. The spirit of Baci Lingerie is producing luxury, sexy lingerie at unbelievable prices to ensure that a greater number of people have access to the gorgeous designs and ultimately helping all women feel better about their lives.

Self Temptation are very excited to be the first online retailer to be introducing the nation to this red hot designer lingerie and welcome you to their online store that launches on Monday 7th March, due to high demand Self Temptation are now taking Pre-Orders for the prestigious Baci Lingerie.

Along with Pre-Ordering, Self Temptation would like to welcome you to their new and exciting loyalty reward scheme. This scheme will be known as ‘The Naughty Points’. All our loyal customers will collect one Naughty Point for every pound spent at Self Temptation. The current amazing promotion is double Naughty Points with any Pre-Ordered item. Welcoming male and female to browse