Scarlet City Media – London based book publicists

Being an author is tough, it used to be the writing that was the hardest part but if you managed to write well, success was on the cards. But unfortunately, a quality book is just the first step in a difficult process of promotion and publicity to actually getting it read and earning an income on it. One innovative new company, Scarlet City Media believes it offers an affordable service that can help all these new authors in their bid to break into this difficult profession.

Scarlet City Media is an independent book publicists working with a strong reputation for assisting new and independent authors to promote their work even on a small budget. Only established last year they have already worked with several talented new authors and have acquired local, national and international media coverage through some well known sources including the likes of NME magazine.

Based in London, Scarlet City Media provide a full service to authors covering any genre and sector, fictional or non-fictional. They even have a commendable motto stating their commitment to fulfilling their belief that all authors and books deserve to be read and judged on their own merits, rather than the size of their publishers or promotion budget.

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion in the number of independent authors taking their books to market over the last 5 years. It is widely believed that this is down to how easy it is to release a book of any genre, thanks to the internet. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it has made life very difficult for the less established authors looking to promote their books. This is where Scarlet City Media believe they step-in to provide much-needed assistance, and their portfolio and testimonials suggest that this really is the case.

With a history in PR, the team behind Scarlet City Media can boast a range of large brands as previous clients and when they joined up at Scarlet City Media they brought with them a wealth of experience in all aspects of media relations from radio and television to print and online media. It is a difficult game but with the likes of Scarlet City Media offering a genuinely helpful service to independent authors and publishers alike, perhaps that needn’t be the case.

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