Emirco Studios Launches New Online Gift Store called E Design Lab

Emirco Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio in Trinidad and Tobago that develops visual communications and fully functional websites for companies of all sizes. Recently they have launched a new online gift store called E Design Lab.

Many of their designs are centred on the positive aspects of life, which they believe to be, all the things that make life worth living and love worth sharing. The store can be found at edesignlab.emirco-studios.com and carries sections that include, abstract, animals and pets, environmental, funny, gaming, love, music, patriotic, quotes and sports designs.

After the directors learned about Dr. Masaru Emoto and the experiments he performed where he proved that the water in our bodies and the water all around us are affected either positively or negatively by the thoughts we think, words we speak and even words written. They felt compelled to create a store that provides the world with designs that spread joy, happiness and positivity. They feel that, in a world where bad news can sometimes travel faster and further than good news, it is important to provide products that speak more to the joys of life and enhances the overall well being of those who use it.

The company also believes that the prints on their items are of the highest quality and proudly offers their customers a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on all of their gift items. The items they print on include, aluminium water bottles, baseball jerseys, BBQ aprons, can coolers, coffee mugs, cork bottom coasters, sweatshirts, cutting boards, baby rib t-shirts, cap sleeve t-shirts, ringer t-shirts, jumbo tote bags, long sleeve t-shirts, mouse pads, organic t-shirts, travel mugs and fitted spaghetti strap tank tees.

Another feature of the store is their ability to ship their gift items to over 220 countries worldwide. You can find out if they ship to your country by visiting their online help centre found at edesignlab.emirco-studios.com/help/.

Their accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and debit/ATM/check cards associated with one of the four major credit card types listed above.

Delivery of their items may also vary based on the part of the world you reside. To learn more about Emirco Studios and their new online gift store, visit www.emirco-studios.com