Foreclosure increase stimulates concerted efforts to help home owners

The seriousness of the situation of the continuous upward spiral of foreclosures in Minnesota is bringing about an all out effort among foreclosure prevention experts to find ways to assist home owners. Among Minnesota’s concerned leading licensed real estate professional companies are ShortSaleMNpro together with Highpointe Realty. They are actively involved in the foreclosure prevention objective.

The National Association of Realtors, with whom the ShortSaleMNpro and Highpointe Realty are accredited, have the following to say:

“Real estate experts were cautiously optimistic about the current and future state of the industry at today’s State of the Real Estate Industry forum during the 2010 REALTOR Conference & Expo™.”

“So, although the upswing in 2009 has not continued to improve as much as was hoped into 2010, there is cautious optimism felt by property economists. It is even hoped that markets could stabilise and a slight improvement could be expected in 2011. The record disastrous year of foreclosures in 2008 has galvanised property experts, Federal government and State governments to initiate all sorts of measures to help home owners and prevent a total crash in property markets. There are signs that these efforts are working. It is believed that last year in excess of 4,000 American home owners in Minnesota were able to save their homes after receiving counselling. It is quoted from the Minnesota Home Ownership Centre that these efforts saved homeowners, lenders, neighborhoods, and government agencies approximately $300 million, with the state’s local governments alone recouping approximately $90 million because of the foreclosures prevented.”

The staff members of ShortSaleMNpro and Highpointe Realty comprise qualified experts in the kind of assistance that home owners need. They include a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and a member with NAR Short Sales and Foreclosure Certification. Their staff are highly experienced property professionals, and have a reputation for treating their clients with courtesy and respect. In these troubled economic times they are fully aware of how many difficulties there are for the average home owner to cope with. They will be able to explain about their HAFA program. This stands for ‘Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives’.

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