Spencer James goes extra mile for London real estate customers

Spencer James has grabbed the edge in the London real estate game thanks to its independent values and unique way of doing business.

Unlike larger city property agencies, which seem to rely as much on bulk sales and commission as customer requirements, Spencer James has carved a niche for itself at the nicer end of the market. The company enjoys the repeat business of a significant number of satisfied customers, and is highly endorsed by respected private estates and landlords across some of London’s most desirable districts and property types.

Spencer James was founded by two individually successful property agents, Spencer Todd and James Bisset, who have between them more than 40 years experience in the industry. The company has grown to include several London based offices and a roster of helpful and knowledgeable staff all of whom are trained to give each customer a personal and totally bespoke service. The results for all London real estate customers walking through Spencer James’ doors are electrifying.

According to clients, Spencer James does everything to find them the perfect property. They listen to what the clients are looking for, and then go out to find the perfect property in the right place, for the right price, and with a stunning view into the bargain.

The secret of Spencer James’ success, apart from those 40 odd years of experience, is its individualistic attitude. The company has made a point of personally finding and building relationships with the most respected estate holders and property owners in London which means they are now able to provide London real estate in every desirable location on the city map. From Docklands and Galleons Reach to the more classic residential areas of Kensington, Spencer James has it all.

About Spencer James

Spencer James is one of London’s leading independent property agencies providing exceptional services to each client helping them find their dream property in Central London, Docklands or in the French Riviera area.

For more information, visit http://www.spencer-james.co.uk