Frankie ‘The TIMEBANDIT’ fights crime like no other!

Kids, adults, kidults, and toys are made for each other. Toys and superheroes are not just playthings, but teach kids and adults lessons in morals and attitudes. The only trouble is that all superheroes look alike these days. Till Frankie! From the creative minds of Jonathan Stephens, David Arshawsky and Duane Piedmont comes this realistic superhero toy from Frankie is a gangster superhero, the only one of his kind. His skilled and futuristic time travel watches allow him to mould the dimensions of time and fight crime and injustice. What’s more, you can be a member of this gang!

The urban vinyl toy has been an art form since quite some time. As more artists have given space to their creative expression through these means, giving rise to new superheroes like Frankie. These toys are a popular choice and definitely guaranteed to catch the attention of kids and adults all over the world. Coming from the innovative design team at TIMEBANDITS, a unique brand which aims to create a new generation of superheroes, Frankie is bound to take the comic and toy world by surprise. The realistic design, and absolutely stunning artwork on this designer vinyl toy make it a must have for any professional collector. The internet is buzzing with a number of stores with urban vinyl toys, but we assure you that the quality and originality of our products is far ahead of others in the market.

Frankie is the new generation superhero. He symbolizes gangster cool, with a simple philosophy fight injustice. He is the Supreme Bandit of Time. Using the special Time Travel watches, he modifies the space time continuum to fight evil and restore freedom to the world. There are TIMEBANDITS Watches, which are also available on the site There are a number of options and different kinds of watch styles available.

If you are a toy collector interested in buying a different type of designer vinyl toy, we are your best option. This first urban vinyl toy, Frankie ‘The TIMEBANDIT’ along with the TIMEBANDITS Comic will be featured at Comic-Con 2011. So if you want your priceless piece for the collection, hurry up and log on to or, and get your Frankie collector’s edition toys and watches soon. The Frankie urban vinyl toy will undoubtedly be a fabulous addition to your toy collection.

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