Sketch Maven celebrates the first anniversary of the World’s Greatest Original Comic Art Marketplace

Sketch Maven celebrated its first anniversary in business, commemorating a year of many achievements. The site was launched November 29, 2009 as a marketplace where artists and collectors could buy and sell one-of-a-kind published original comic art. Since then it has added to the breadth of original comic art available for purchase on the site and expanded over the last year to include thousands of pieces of color guides and sketches. Now nearly every type of comic artwork can be bought and sold easily on Sketch Maven.

“We’ve come a long way since we launched last Thanksgiving,” comments Mike Todasco, founder of Sketch Maven, the World’s Greatest Original Comic Art Marketplace. “We’ve reached thousands of fans and even have been recognized in major publications outside of the comic book world. Mashable reviewed Sketch Maven as part of its partnership with Microsoft in their Spark of Genius Series. Articles like this and the one in Thrillist introduced tens of thousands of their readers to the hobby of collecting original comic art via Sketch Maven.”

Sketch Maven has matured over the year to become not only a marketplace, but a community of fans of original comic art. The site now features weekly interviews with artists, writers and creators. Future plans include options for a collector to publish a ‘Want List’ or create a gallery of favorite pieces of original comic art on Sketch Maven. Sketch Maven will soon be expanding globally, allowing buyers and sellers from every country to participate in their marketplace.

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